Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel Tip - Cheap Passport Photos

Before we retired, time was money and so we would make purchases at the most convenient locations, as opposed to bargain hunting.  When we had to renew our passports, we usually went to the Blacks Photography store across the street from us, which charged about $20 + tax for a set of passport photos.

Now that time is plentiful but money is limited, we are more incented to shop around for a better price.  The bulk discount store Costco offers passport photos for $6.99 + tax, but we don't shop there since we live in a condo with no room to store items in bulk.  Through a bit of research, we found several small photographers in downtown Chinatown, around the Spadina and Dundas area, that took passport photos at very good prices.

We went to Da Yang Photo and received our passport photos, in colour, at a cost of $6.99 cash including tax per set of 2 photos.  It look less than 10 minutes to process both of us.  We brought our photos to Service Canada and renewed our passports with no issues.  In total, we saved over $30 for the two sets of passport photos.  This was definitely worth the trip to Chinatown.

Da Yang Photo
303 Spadina Ave, Unit 202

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