Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Read an Excerpt from Retired at 48

We are a middle-aged married couple living in Toronto, without children, in a  mortgage-free home. We each had successful professional careers, but it had always been our goal to retire early. By retirement, we mean no longer having to work anymore, ever. We do not mean trading in an initial career to take on a less-demanding or less-stressful job, probably for less pay. Work never defined us and was merely a way to make money so that we could enjoy life. There was so much that we wanted to do, but there was never enough time on the weekends or on our all-too-brief vacation days. So the sooner we could dispense with work and get on with life, the better...

So starts the memoir Retired At 48 - One Couple's Journey to a Pensionless Retirement.

Click here to read an excerpt of Retired At 48 and view the Table of Contents

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