Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview on Global TV's The Morning Show


If you think fifteen minutes of fame goes by fast, then try six!  That's how many minutes we were allotted for our interview on Global TV's The Morning Show to talk about our book "Retired at 48 - One Couple's Journey to a Pensionless Retirement".  There was so much to talk about, and so little time!

I'm not sure if we were able to convey that the purpose of our book is not to teach people how they can retire at 48, but to help them create their own retirement plan so they can figure out at what age they can retire and with what type of lifestyle.

We never got around to talking about some of our strategies for generating a tax-efficient income flow, including taking advantage of favourable tax rates for Canadian eligible dividend stock, and simulating income splitting by making all of our non-registered accounts joint and each claiming half the income.

We didn't get to explain why we felt confident that we would not run out of money too soon as long as we stuck to our retirement plan. If we ever find ourselves spending more than planned in any year, we will reduce our discretionary spending in the next year to get back on track.

We didn't have time to share our tips for reducing expenses in car insurance, health insurance, cell phones, cable, entertainment and more.

Hopefully what we did talk about generated enough interest so that people will want to check out our book.  This was a great experience and provided excellent exposure for Retired at 48.  We would like to thank Global TV for giving us this opportunity!

Click on this link to see our interview.


  1. Congratulations, A & R! You should be very proud of your book and your accomplishments.

  2. Wow! That is SO awesome! You guys did a great job in that interview!

    Out of curiosity, how did get on the show? Did you pitch your story to someone at Global TV, or did one of them find you?

    Again, congrats on the fame!

    1. The librarian at the Deer Park public library saw this blog and asked us to do a library talk about our book. The advertisement for the talk was spotted by a Toronto Star reporter, which led to an interview and article in their business page (check out previous blog post to see this article). That newspaper article led to the producer of the Morning Show contacting us. So it's all been a big snowball effect :)