Monday, December 25, 2017

Investors Group Podcast About Our Early Retirement

Around the end of August, we were contacted by a journalist requesting to talk to us for a podcast about early retirement that he was working on for Investors Group.  The podcast is the 4th of a six part series about retirement, which also includes topics like "What Happens When You Are Forced To Retire", "Working Past Retirement Age", and "What Will My Retirement Look Like".  In our case, the podcast would focus on why we wanted to retire early, how we achieved it and what we were doing now that we were into our sixth year of early retirement.  It was not easy to schedule a time for the interview, since our retirement days are packed with activities.  At that time, we were just gearing up for the Toronto International Film Festival and were in midst of watching early preview movies en route to a new annual record where we watched over 40 movies this year.  Luckily we were able to squeeze time in for the podcast, which you can listen by following the link below:

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